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Established in 2009, the Audiology Assistant training program has undergone many changes. Audiology Academy was birthed from those changes in order to be a leading source of information and education for Audiology Assistants and Audiology Technicians. The Audiology Assistant training offered by Audiology Academy is an extensive program designed to bring a new or under-developed employee to complete autonomy in a short time with focused on-line training, guided by a supervising audiologist.


The Audiology industry is growing and as new technologies are advancing, we want to help private practice owners compete with the ever-changing environment. To compete, those in private practice need to separate themselves with exceptional patient care. There are many ways to do this: better train the front desk, re-configure your waiting area, improve signage and lighting, all which can help a patient feel more comfortable in your clinic environment. With all the hard work, time and money spent to improve the patient experience, the one thing that will mitigate those effects on the patient's impression of the practice is wait time. If you keep them waiting, they will likely go somewhere else that may have poorer service or expertise but is able to see them more quickly. This is only one of the many reasons why we promote the role of an Audiology Assistant in the private practice.


The role of an Audiology Assistant is still considered a new role in the nation and thus, is still being defined. In fact, there are many terms used for this role. Audiology Assistant is the most common. Audiology Tech or Technician is usually used in the ENT areas. Another term used is Audiology Aide. All of these names are used to label the role for Audiology Support Personnel. And, many states still don't have a specific job description or minimum education requirements for this role yet. But, the governing bodies of the Audiology industry in the US have recognized this role and have defined what it is an Audiology Assistant can and cannot do.


We are here to promote the role of Audiology Assistant in private practice, corporate audiology and ENT clinics. Let us help you learn more about this new role and how it can improve your clinic efficiency and patient care . Please visit our other site dedicated specifically to helping others learn what an Audiology Assistant is by Clicking here > >


Our mission is to empower the small business owner by providing resources to help engage today's savvy consumer. Through experience, trial and error, research and mentorship, we have developed key insights for delivering exceptional patient experiences. We want to share what we've learned so that the Audiology Private Practice doesn't become a thing of the past. 


We have a passion for practice development, protocol development, efficiency improvement, marketing strategies and staff training. We have developed an Audiology Assistant training program that is utilized in many clinics around the US and we love to speak about practice growth strategies and how to successfully incorporate audiology assistants into a busy practice.

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