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Partnerhip program

Looking for an auction item? Looking for a partnerhip?

We have an audiology assistant training program that will be a great product you can offer to your members. It is an online and in-practice training program. The online training for the assistant has reading material, training videos, assignments, audiometer simulator and quizzes. The in-practice guided training is from their supervising Audiologist. The training comes with a

  • Supervisors Training Guide so the audiologist knows what the assistant is learning online that week and what the focus training should be for the hands on. 

  • We supply a Best Practice Protocol bundled with:

    • Editable checklists

    • job descriptions

    • tips for the integration of the new role into the practice

    • Training Tracker Worksheet used to measure the numbers of times the assistant has performed a task to help the Audiologist know where more training might be needed.

  • And for good measure, we give the assistant a certificate of completion. 


The training has been fine-tuned that very rarely do we get questions from the assistant or the audiologist once the training begins. The questions are usually, "How do we sign someone up"? So once it is started, the process is very easy. We can offer to sign up anyone to get a weekly email of the reports sent to the audiologist so they can see the progress.


We are passionate about the role of the audiology assistant in the industry. Nichole (Dr. Kingham) has spent a long time developing this training and speaks very passionately about it. We are looking for partners that share the idea of an audiology assistant in the practice and the benefit the role can bring to the industry. We are working with state boards and groups to bring this role forward to where it needs to be. It's a long road but it is gaining traction. 


I hope all of this is interesting enough to allow us to discuss what it is you are looking for from a provider for your members. Contact us and let us know what we can do to help you and your members. 



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