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Looking For a Tool That Will Help You Stand Out From the Crowd?

We have just what you're looking for. It's a new tool that will give you the opportunity to help the practices that you assist in a simple and straightforward way, with proven and verifiable results.


To date, the Audiology community has been trying to figure out what to do with Audiology Assistants and Audiology Technicians. ASHA, AAA and ADA have all created guidelines for what an Audiology Assistant is and what they can and cannot do.


So, armed with that information and information from the states that have set regulations on Audiology Assistants, we have developed a robust and complete online Audiology Assistant Training program!



Let's not beat around the bush!


  • You have a successful practice development program that you offer as a value to your accounts.

  • You want to offer your customers the best tools available to help them grow.

  • Their success is your success.



So let's team up and give the Audiology community a new tool that will:


  • Grow their practice

  • Improve their ability to provide excellent patient care

  • Create savings to the bottom line

  • Allow providers to see more money-generating appointments

  • Free up time to do better marketing

  • Create a cost-efficient position in the practice



How does an Audiology Assistant do all of this? Simple:


  • An Audiology Assistant is nearly half the cost of an audiologist.

  • An audiologist with a high return rate or poor close rate is expensive. Hiring a new audiologist is a risk.

  • A new assistant can be retrained at the fraction of the cost of poor performing audiologist.

  • The supervising audiologist will need less lab time, allowing for time to work "on the business and not just in the business."

  • The practice is providing better patient care by shortening their scheduled-out dates.

  • The practice will retain more appointments by having shorter scheduled-out dates.

  • The practice can accommodate walk-ins easier.



How hard is it to implement? How much work will your the Practice Development Team have to do to get it running?


Very little. Let me explain:


  • You just sell the Online Training Program to a practice that needs it.

  • It is self-efficient and completely adjustable for each practice.

  • The Online Training Program includes key communication worksheets that can be branded for each independent office.

  • They do all of the work, you just encourage and follow the growth.


It's that easy!


Contact us to see how you can partner with us to offer this practice-changing tool to your customers.


Your customers will thank you.

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