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Welcome FUEL Member!


Let's get to the nitty-gritty



We will try to make this page as informative as possible and we will add information as things change. 


As a Fuel member, what do I get with Audiology Academy?

  • Fuel members get the Core 3 user package for $1,100 (that is a $200) saving on top of the bundle savings. Course Link

  • Members get $100 off their first user IF buying the single user. Course Link

  • We take care of all the user setup and you don’t pay us. We work through Fuel. 


So if you wish to sign up, contact your rep today and we will take care of all of it for you!


What can you as a Fuel member expect?
The assistant will get an automated email telling them to log into the site and create their password. We will email your rep and let them know that the account is set up. Once the assistant starts the course, there is a form they fill out and it asks them who their supervisor is and then that supervisor will start getting their emails. All automated :)


What do you do once the course is started?

After the assistant signs in, they will be prompted to download the Supervisor’s Training Guide. This guide is to assist the supervisor in what the assistant should be learning that week. Very good idea to sit with the assistant and review that together.


Do you need to sign up all 3 assistants at the same time?
No, and the 2-year access to the material starts when the assistant is signed up, not when they purchase. In other words, the time to sign up the additional assistants does not expire.


What happens after you signed up your 3 users and you need more?
You can email us and we will add those users. There will be an additional charge for that user, $450/each additional user after the original 3 (UNLESS you wish to buy the 3 user package again.)


Why do we do it this way? 
We have a partnership with Fuel and we want to make sure you get every benefit of being a Fuel member.


Onboarding Document

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