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Welcome to the Premier Audiology Assistant Training site

As the popularity and the success of audiology assistants in clinics and private practices increases, so does the need for well thought out training. Thanks to the support of ADA and our practice development partners, Audiology Academy has been very successful in helping many practices do just that. We have upgraded the Audiology Assistant Training program to include improved functionality for the Supervisor, giving them easy access to results like tests, surveys and time spent on each training module. In addition, our Best Practice Protocols will help to integrate the assistant into any practice with ease. Our Training Tracker helps the Supervisor keep a close eye on what the Assistant is working on in the lab and what processes have been practiced and mastered. Our writable Checklists help you build a communication bridge between the audiologist and the assistant so no task, big or small gets overlooked. All of this is included for you in one complete training package. We've done the preparation for you. All you need to do is sign up! 


What's NEW??

With the newest version of Audiology Academy's Online Audiology Assistant Training program, we've updated a lot!


  • New and Improved assistant training courses

  • More training options for single users and groups

  • New assistant training programs

  • Business Education courses, designed to help the audiologist, practice owner or any member of your staff grow 


Why would we do this? Simple. The majority of audiologists get ZERO business training in school. And yet, we assume a dizzying variety of business roles from owner to team leader, accountant to billing specialist, manager to trainer.  We want to grow the depth, breadth and type of training courses offered to you in the audiology industry in order to help your business grow. There are a lot of places you can go to watch a video or listen to a speaker for audiology-focused content. But where do you go for training for all the OTHER hats you wear? Fortunately, we have the answer.


We know that owning and growing a business or improving yourself in your career involves all types of learning. That is why we are building focused, actionable training courses with reading material, workbooks, course activities and summary checklists. Some courses have videos, some just require the learner to read and reflect - but they are all designed to increase your knowledge, skills and business acumen. 


These courses are reasonably priced, easy to download and include valuable content. From marketing to team-building, management skills to resolving conflict, this one-of-a-kind course offering will help guide you and your team on the business side of Audiology so that you can turn your practice into a seamless, thriving and profitable clinic that serves patients well and keeps them coming back — and bringing their family and friends!


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Established in 2009, the Audiology Assistant training program has undergone many changes. Audiology Academy was established through those changes in order to be a leading source of information and education for Audiology Assistants and Audiology Technicians. It has expanded to include business training for the audiology private practice owner and their teams. The Audiology Assistant training offered by Audiology Academy is an extensive program designed to bring a new or under-developed employee to complete autonomy in a short time with focused on-line training, guided by the supervising audiologist.

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Our vision is to empower the private practice owner by providing resources to help engage today's savvy consumer. Through experience, trial and error, research and mentorship, we have developed a comprehensive Audiology Assistant training guide. We want to share what we've learned so that the Audiology Private Practice doesn't become a thing of the past. 

We have a passion for practice development, protocol development, efficiency improvement, marketing strategies and staff training. We have developed an Audiology Assistant training program that is utilized in many clinics around the US and we love to speak about practice growth strategies and how to successfully incorporate an assistants into a busy practice.

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  • Welcome and Job Function Overview

  • Tools Necessary in the Lab

  • Connect Through Better Hearing

  • Hearing Aid Delivery

  • Hearing Aids 101

  • Infection Control

  • Introduction to Hearing/Hearing Loss

  • The Assistant Role in Diagnostics

  • Troubleshooting

  • Aural Rehabilitation

  • Many more

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